1) N-COUNT A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played.
2) ADJ: ADJ n A ballpark figure or ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or estimate.

I can't give you anything more than just sort of a ballpark figure...

Ballpark estimates indicate a price tag of $90 million a month.

3) N-SING: the N If something such as an amount or claim is in the ballpark, it is approximately right, but not exact. [INFORMAL]

If you compare it to some of the other surveys that have been recently conducted, then it is in the general ballpark.

...errors that are made within a system that already is generally in the right ballpark.

4) N-SING: the N If you say that someone or something is in the ballpark, you mean that they are able to take part in a particular area of activity, especially because they are considered as good as others taking part.

This puts them in the ballpark and makes them a major player...

As a general investigative agency, they're not in the same ballpark as the FBI.

English dictionary. 2008.

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